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We believe that looking youthful is no accident but the result of tireless effort. Wright Aesthetics is the premier practice in Tampa Bay, Florida offering the latest advancements in hair restoration, anti-aging, health, and wellness treatments.

Contour Body Wrap

See immediate results with a body contouring wrap from M’lis! In a 60-minute body treatment session, you will slim and contour your body and walk away with smoother skin. These wraps are blended with warming and moisturizing niacin (vitamin B3), cinnamon, and skin-nourishing aloe. These wraps are the top selling contouring product in the country! This wrap does not cause weight loss due to water loss. On the contrary, it is a naturally hydrating product which will leave you with more nourished skin. You can lose up to 14 inches immediately and an additional 1/2 inch 6-8 hours after the body treatment. Contact us today to schedule a time for your body treatment!

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