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Is Hair Analysis the Key to Nutritional Wellness

Your body’s overall wellness and immunity health depend on whether it gets the proper nutrition. Unfortunately, nutritional planning has often come down to trial and error, because our bodies and their nutritional needs are unique to each of us. What if you could determine which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients YOUR body is craving? Say hello to Epigenetic Mapping!

What is Epigenetic Mapping?

A strand of hair can tell us a lot of information about you. Our hair grows for 2-6 years prior to falling out. In that time, a strand of hair absorbs not only the nutrients you ingested but also any drugs or toxins in your body. As a result, human hair is the perfect biomarker, as it holds information about our gene expression and what may be affecting it.

We take four strands of hair from the back of your head and place it on our CellWellbeing analysis tool. This digital scanning device then communicates with an extensive epigenetic database in Hamburg, Germany. Within 15 minutes, all of the digital signatures of DNA present within those four hairs are scanned for hundreds of items of genetic information. This results in a 35-page report that provides a comprehensive analysis of your body’s wellness.

What Information is Assessed?

This hair analysis assesses your epigenetics for:

💙 Vitamins

💙 Minerals

💙 Nutrition

💙 Toxins

💙 Antioxidants

💙 Parasites and Viruses

💙 Microbiology

💙 Fatty Acids

💙 Radiation

The following support systems are also assessed:

💙 Adrenals

💙 Digestion

💙 Brain Health

💙 Circulation

💙 Emotion

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If you want to identify which foods to add or eliminate to your diet to achieve overall bodily wellness and immunity health, we highly recommend the benefits of epigenetic hair analysis! The information obtained in Epigenetic Mapping will help us to customize the perfect nutritional plan and treatment options for your body and its unique needs:

🔵 IV Therapy

🔵 Supplements

🔵 Nutritional Packages

🔵 Detoxification Programs

… and MORE!

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