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Cellular Hair Restoration

3 Phases of growth

There are 3 phases of the hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Each strand of hair on the human body develops at its own pace. Once the cycle is complete, the process starts over, and a new strand of hair begins to form.

Wright Aesthetics Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Phase I: Anagen

Anagen is the growing phase and usually lasts 2-7 years. The length of this phase determines the length of our hair.

Wright Aesthetics Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Phase II: Catagen

Catagen is the transition phase and lasts about 10 days. The hair follicle shrinks and pulls away from its base.

Wright Aesthetics Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Phase III: Telogen

Telogen is the resting phase and lasts about 3 months. When this hair falls out, a new growth process begins.

Filagro Cellular Regrowth System

The process of regenerative hair growth utilizes many cellular and molecular mechanisms common to angiogenesis and wound healing. The advancement in newer technologies, injection therapy procedures, laser regrowth therapy, and combination drug therapies allow for regrowth of hair without the need, in many cases, for transplantation, grafts or surgery and is pain free. 

Wright Aesthetics Peptide Therapy

Day 1 - 30

Studies have proven that when a wound occurs in a specific area, hair re-grows with the presence of certain peptides. By introducing a “controlled wound” through micro-needling or laser advancements, we add growth factors and peptides to increase the opportunity for new hair growth.

Growth factors and topical peptides soak into the scalp and begin to stimulate the hair follicles, providing further nourishment and encouraging new growth. As new hairs are forming, old and thinning hairs begin to shed. This phase can last between 2 to 4 weeks.

During Phase I, early signs of new growth can be seen.

Wright Aesthetics Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Day 31- 60

The peptides concentrate on the anagen phase or the “active growth” of the hair cycle. As we age, this phase becomes shorter and the hairs that grow back are thinner and smaller. The unique scientific combination of the peptides we use in our protocol extends the length of anagen phase, so that new hair fibers and follicles have a longer time to develop, strengthen and grow.

During Phase II, expect to feel a difference in hair texture that is thicker and smoother.

Wright Aesthetics Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Day 61-90 and beyond

Peptides are working to increase vasculogenisis, which increases the blood supply and circulation to your scalp.

During this phase, sleeping follicles have been stimulated and new follicles developed.

During Phase III, visual hair growth can be seen. This exciting growth continues well after day 90 as new hair grows for months following the protocol.

Lutronic Ultra


Lutronics Ultra is a powerful thulium laser that rebuilds glowing healthy skin.  This treatment is a comfortable application with very low downtime and immediate results through non ablative fractional delivery.  

This is a gentle application that can improve all skin types. Call us today with any questions you may have on the latest hair improving technology. 

  • Limited Down Time
  • Revitalizes Scalp
  • Improves Hair Health
  • Patented Hair & Skin Treatment

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