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Non-Surgical Laser Like Lipo

Laser-Like Lipo

Laser-Like Lipo is applied directly to the skin and causes fat cells to open up and release its fatty contents. Similar to exercise once the cells are opened the water,  glycerol, and free fat acids leave the cell and cause your cells to shrink. During this process the acids are able to break down naturally and leave the body. This FDA cleared device is non invasive and requires no cutting, downtime, or any form of painful procedures. Maintaining a diet and exercise is a pillar for weight loss but can sometimes be frustrating to not see the results you are working towards. Everyone has  problem areas that they are working on trying to fix and this procedure could be your solution to lose those stubborn inches. 

This procedure is known to help smooth over cellulite, reduce stretch mark areas, and help people with excess skin after losing weight that do not want to go in for surgery. The immediate results not only motivate you to keep up with your goals but inspire you to continue on your path of greatness.

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