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What is Aesthetic Medicine?

Aesthetic Medicine has become something of a buzz word of late. But what exactly is it? In the broadest sense, Aesthetic Medicine (or Medical Aesthetics) refers to all medical treatments that are focused on improving a person’s cosmetic appearance. 

Aesthetic Medicine treatments sit in a unique niche between the beauty industry and plastic surgery. Qualified practitioners provide a vast array of “tweakments” that require a high degree of skill, training, and knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This is what separates Aesthetic Medicine from standard beauty treatments on the one hand and invasive surgical interventions on the other.

Aesthetic Medicine, therefore, represents a new, cutting edge field of medical practice. This industry is growing rapidly for a good reason: the results are undeniable. Additionally, more and more people of influence are openly talking about the procedures they’ve tried (and the results they’ve experienced), which has brought Aesthetic Medicine more firmly into the public’s eye.

What to Expect with Aesthetic Medical Treatments

In the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced Aesthetic Medicine practitioner, you should still look like you—but refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a gorgeous, head-turning glow. Ultimately, aesthetic medicine combines an artist’s eye with a medical practitioner’s skill, knowledge, and steady hand.

Our Latest Innovative Treatments

With new laser technology, there are a wide range of new possibilities. Acne? Hyperpigmentation? Melasma? Fine wrinkles? Sun spots? No problem!

We now offer the following treatments:

💙 Full Face – $550

💙 Full Face & Neck – $650

💙 Full Face, Neck, & Décolleté – $750

💙 Neck – $150

💙 Décolleté – $150

These special low prices are available through the end of August 2021 and come with a free gift (post laser treatment kit to take home)!

Psst… Painless hair restoration is available too!

Treatment Options

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